$67 Business Website Package

Limited Time Special!!!

$67 Business Website Package

Design, Hosting, Management and Support For Your Small Business!

Our $67 Business Website Package covers everything!

Website design, research, all content for the website, launch of the site on your domain and submission to Google and other search engines as well as access to our Premium Web Hosting and Website Management Program.

What’s the catch?  There isn’t one really.  

To cash in on our $67 deal (custom built website, all research and all content), all we ask is that you host your website with us and allow us to manage it. All websites need hosting. It’s like digital rental property to park your new website on.

With this program, we supply premium web hosting and website management as well as being here for any other issues that may pop up. 

You send us an email or message and it’s taken care of.

We take care of your website to allow you to take care of your brand and business.

How much does the website hosting and management cost??

Here's What You Get With The $67 Business Website Package

  • Pages included in this package are Home Page (including sections for your top 4 services and an image gallery, social integration, contact form, custom navigation menu and more),  Privacy and Terms/Conditions Pages, AND a blog.
  • Tailor-made packages designed for businesses starting out or in need of a brand boost in their service area
  • Choose from 15 different website layouts to find the perfect design that represents your unique identity
  • Or we we can select a layout that aligns with your brand’s aesthetics
  • We prioritize visually appealing designs that capture attention and engage visitors
  • Essential features included to maximize your website’s performance and visibility
  • On-Page SEO optimization built into every page to increase your chances of being found by potential customers
  • Integration of social media to make it easy for visitors to connect with you and share your content
  • Prominent and easily accessible contact/business information to increase chances of conversions and sales
  • ADA compliance to ensure your website adheres to accessibility standards
  • UX/UI design to ensure a user-friendly and intuitive browsing experience
  • Speed and image optimization for enhanced loading times and optimized visuals
  • SSL certificate included to secure your website and protect sensitive user data
These are not cookie cutter websites.  Each one includes researched content for your services and images that are provided to me from you. If you do not have images yet, we can build on that and add them as you go. These sites are optimized and set up to do one thing, give the visitors info about your business and show them very easy ways for them to contact you.  What else could you ask for?

Empower your business to make a lasting impression, establish your brand, and connect with your target audience effectively. Get in touch with us today to explore the possibilities and embark on your digital journey with 317WEB.

Please note that eCommerce websites are not included in this package.

What does the Premium Web Hosting and Website Management Program include?

  • Website hosted on our optimized server
  • WordPress Maintenance – manage and update your WordPress core files and your plugins
  • WordPress updates installed as needed
  • Database and site file maintenance as needed
  • PHP updates installed as needed
  • WordPress Plugin updates installed as needed
  • Weekly WordPress cache flushing
  • Website performance monitoring
  • On-site Cybersecurity Software
  • Off-site daily backups
  • Premium plugins 
  • Broken Links Monitoring
  • Continuous website monitoring
  • Email and Chat support. 
  • 1 Researched and Optimized blog post per month.
  • 1 hr/month of client initiated updates/edits.

You pay only $29 per month for Premium Web Hosting and Website Management. 


You should see what other charge for this!  

Just one example:
→ → → → →


Average Website Maintenance Costs
So a $67 custom built, multi-page website and Premium Hosting and
Website Management for just $29 per month (on AutoPay Only)

Have Questions? Chat With Us Anytime On The Bottom Right.

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So choose your design below and let us help you build your business!

Below are 15 Premium, SEO Optimized Layouts to choose from. Each one will open in a new window

As you look through them, don’t forget that they are used as an outline.  We put your images in (or stock images) and then add the content we create for your business.  We make it yours.

When you find the one you like, you can just click the link at the top of it, fill out the short intake form and we can get the ball rolling. 

Don’t want to go through them and decide?  Just click here and tell us to make the call on the intake form. 

Know that you are in capable hands with 317WEB.

Each layout opens in a new window.

Click the very top link of the one you like and get your $67 Business Package now.

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Business Starter Package 7

Business Starter Package 8

Business Starter Package 9

Business Starter Package 10

Business Starter Package 11

Business Starter Package 12

Business Starter Package 13

Business Starter Package 14

Business Starter Package 15

the goal is not to build a website the goal is to build a business

Just Some Of The Websites Created By 317WEB.
Feel Free To Contact Any Of Them. (and let's get yours added below!)

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