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317WEB Grow As You Go Packages Explained

When your business has a website it not only helps you rank your services for your service area in Google but also helps rank those same terms in your Google Business Profile (where the majority of phone calls come from). Our “Grow As You Go” Packages are designed with your business and your budget in mind. Of course, if you want a custom website with the full 9 yards right from the start, we do that too.  Just let us know what you want by Clicking Here.

Keep in mind, we call this Grow As You Go because it is just that. It gives your business what it needs to get started and as you grow, we can grow your website as well.  Invest in a few pages here and there as you start taking in money.  “As You Grow” recommendations would include individual service pages, service area pages, additional blog posts, off page SEO,  GBP SEO, etc. (*)

Simply contact us with when it’s time, and we will expand your online presence according to your requirement. Having these will help your Google Business Profile (GBP) as well as rank more pages for you in the search engines.

You can do these all at once or as your business allows it. Your GBP is the Map Results that come at the top of almost every search. You want to do all that you can to be in the top 3 here as that is where almost 80% of phone calls, messages and emails will come from. Content on your website will help rank the terms in your GBP

Keep in mind…our sites aren’t fancy or full of a lot of moving parts. We don’t suggest it to our clients. Google’s ranking algorithm likes sites that provide a great user experience. Properly named images, business contact info and proper keyword placement… that is what makes the phone ring.

* Additional pages cost will vary upon how complex you want it as well as who provides the content, images, etc. We also suggest at this point to purchase my Keyword/Competitor research package. This gives us great information as to how your competitors are doing and how to outrank them. Keep in mind that different niches will have different competition and nothing in regards to ranking can ever be guaranteed. It’s Google’s sand box…. they just allow us to play in it. Off Page SEO/GBP SEO will vary according to different packages as well as your niche and competition in that niche. Blog Post packages vary according to what size package you want.  All of this can be discussed when you are ready.

Costs for our Grow As You Go Packages is only $349.  If you have been doing research, you will know that this is a great deal. This gives you a complete starter package for your company that is custom built with your images and content.  Sure, you can search the internet and find cheaper prices, but are you getting hacked themes, plugins, duplicated content, etc?  All of these things can jeopardize your internet presence as well as your business.  We are here in your corner helping you grow.  We got your back. Our references are available, just ask.

Your new website will include:

      • Visually appealing custom web design that is user-friendly, fully optimized, mobile-friendly and encourages engagement and growth
      • Direct links of communication to your email and/or Facebook account.
      • SEO optimized website that is built using the latest SEO technology and niche specific keywords.
      • Provide and monitor Google Analytics to track insights (Client created Google Integration)
      • Home Page (Social Media Buttons, Call To Action Button (for phone), contact form on the page, about us section, 5 item FAQ section, short section for top 4 services, Image carousel showing your work, Blog Post section (these contain an image and a small excerpt from the blog post with a link to the entire post), map at bottom of page with contact info, phone number, etc
      • Services page (more in depth details on the top 4 services, contact form on the page, map at bottom of page with contact info, phone number, etc)
      • Blog ( this is put here as a tool to add new content to your site in the form of blog posts. These are provided to you (one per month) as part of our monthly webhosting management service. The topic of posts and images will be provided by me and will always be designed to help rank your term in Google and the other search engines.
      • UX/UI Design – Making sure your customers and visitors are experiencing the same thing across all devices and platforms and enjoy a positive visit to your site and contacting you.
      • ADA Compliance  (3rd party integration) Allows your website to be used easily by people with certain disabilities. ( prevents frivolous lawsuits)
      • Website Page Optimized for Speed/Image optimization (3rd party integration)
      • SSL Certificate providing secure, encrypted communications between a website and an internet browser.
      • On Page SEO is built into each page to help rank your website, keywords and services that you offer.
      • Google Business Profile Optimization (Client created page and grants me admin access)
      • Facebook Page Optimization (Client created page and grants me admin access)

Monthly Website Hosting and Management Service - $29 Per Month (**)

      • Your website hosted on local server – optimized for WordPress
      • Constant monitoring for broken links so that your site is not penalized.
      • WordPress Maintenance – manage and update your WordPress core files and your plugins.
      • Security Software – On Site software to block intrusion attempts, detect malicious activity, and provide robust security for your website to minimize chances of your site getting hacked.
      • Daily backups so no matter what happens, your website will be safe.
      • Premium Plugins used to achieve the functionality you need
      • Small site edits. This would include making small content edits, updating and/or adding images, changing fonts, etc (60 minutes per month)
      • One blog post per month
      • Logo Design
      • Domain Email Accounts
      • eCommerce Functionality
      • Blog Post Packages
      • GBP SEO Packages
      • Off-page Website SEO Packages and more

(**) Requirement to be set up on monthly recurring automatic charge through my processor, SquareUp


the goal is not to build a website the goal is to build a business

If you are interested in a custom website, please fill out the Website Intake Form by clicking here. It will help us visualize what you’re looking for and allow us to make your vision come true.

All clients can get in touch with us through my Facebook Page and client portal (coming soon).  This can be used for getting in touch with me for support, sending us content and images, etc.

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